T8/T10 LED TUBE Series


1. Appearance:Aluminum frame and PC cover,lamp holder can be +/-90° adjustable.
2. Light Source:High bright SMD LED,the luminous efficiency ≥80LM/W
3. Driver:Input voltage AC100-265V,PF≥0.95,high efficiency≥85%,
4. Energy-saving LED Tubes can save 70%-80% energy than fluorescent tubes.
5. Enviroment friendly LED contains no mercury,and will not emit any ultraviolet radiation when lighting,so will do no harm to human eyes and natural environment.
6. Instant start unrestricted by starting temperature or other facts, led tubes can be quickly started within millseconds and reach the uppermost lumen point.It will not flicker or buzzing during operation.
7.  Long lifespan ≥50000 hours.
8.  CE & RoHS approved.



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